Kids Sports Team Event

Promoting active play, teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship among children through a variety of sports and games in our biggest indoor playground.

Fundraisers for Non-Profits & Schools

Encouraging generosity and selflessness, let the children participate in fundraisers and charitable activities while playing games and enjoying the company of other kids.

Kids Group Events & Activities

Serving fun, learning and discovery for kids. Touch their active spirit and logic through games, creativeness through drawing and painting, group interaction and lots more of group activities.


The biggest indoor playground is a host to special events and activities. Hold celebrations and occasions at Little World for maximum fun and excitement. Not only do we have the best play areas and equipment but we also have your favorite party and arcade games, spectacular music and dance shows and team building activities–all for kids benefit and enjoyment


Little World not only gives smiles but also fills the heart with our events and fundraisers. Our goal is to encourage goodness and generosity among kids through gift-giving, fundraising and charity while playing and having fun. We do this through team games and sports events where winners will win prizes for the benefit of the less privileged or for a good cause.

Little World for kids

No event coming soon?

Not a problem! You’re always welcome to Little World. You don’t need any special occasions to visit us, you can simply come here if you want some fun time for your kids and to build family memories. We have the biggest indoor playground, all-time favorite arcade games, an art room and more areas for kid’s enjoyment. And to recharge and re-energize, our dining area serves kids most-loved food and beverages, such as pizza, burgers, pasta, ice cream, shakes and loads more. There’s always something for everyone here at Little World!