Get ready! It’s playtime!

Playing can make kids active, strong and healthy. Little Kids caters to your kids’ play time. Our playground is the largest where your kids can slide, glide and climb in our sliders, space tubes, climbing wall and many more!

  • Play arcade games all you can!
  • The best and all-time favorite children’s arcade games.
  • Arcade games are known to encourage discovery and boost logical thinking among kids.
  • Be where your kids enjoy. Have fun and play together.
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  • Let your toddlers crawl, roll and run free!
  • A little world full of colors and excitement for your toddlers to explore and discover.
  • Relax and have a fun time with your toddlers. Play with other kids and parents, too.
  • Little Kids is for everyone to enjoy. Kids, young-at-heart and families will surely have a wonderful time.
  • Celebrate children’s birthdays with all their favorites in one place. Invite pals and play together to enjoy their best day.
  • Boost kids’ creativeness in our Art area. Draw, color and paint.
  • A snack area to feast on your children’s favorite food.
  • Safe fun at Little Kids!
  • We serve you with a smile. Our staff are caring and are kids lovers.
  • Our playground is safe. Health and safety protocols are being observed.
  • Your kid’s and family’s happiness is our goal!
  • Come and have fun at Little Kids today!
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